Caring For Stainless Flatware

How do I care for my stainless steel flatware?

It's easy to take care of Stainless steel flatware. It's hand washable and dishwasher safe, and requires very little care. Since it's so durable, it will last for years if you follow a few simple rules.

    • Hand wash stainless steel flatware with mild detergent and warm water, followed by a clean water rinse.
    • Or, clean your stainless steel flatware in the dishwasher; make sure not to crowd the pieces in the baskets to ensure each piece gets thoroughly clean. Also, avoid the hot drying cycle.
    • Keep sterling silver and stainless steel flatware in separate baskets in the dishwasher as direct contact can permanently damage the silver.
    • Keep detergent to a minimum, and avoid lemon-scented detergents and those containing chloride, which can damage your flatware.
    • Rinse your flatware immediately after use to avoid stains; food that is left on flatware to dry may leave stains. Also, don't leave it standing in water for a long period of time to avoid damage.
    • If your stainless steel flatware does stain, using a worn toothbrush or fine natural-bristle brush, gently scrub the stains with a paste made from water and baking soda, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.