How To Use Sterling Silver

How do I use my sterling silver?

There are so many uses for sterling silver, and Lifetime Sterling offers so many useful pieces that serve a wide variety of purposes. When you own something of such beauty and value, why not make the most of it every day?

How often can I use my sterling silver?

We encourage you to use your sterling often—every day if you'd like. Frequent use will keep your sterling bright and shiny, and help it develop the exquisite patina that can only be achieved over time with use. With flatware, we do recommend rotating the pieces so they each develop an even patina.

Does sterling require a lot of work?

Absolutely not! In fact, with frequent use, your sterling is less apt to tarnish. While we do encourage you to polish your silver once or twice a year, if you use it often it may not even need polishing.

When should I use my sterling?

Use your sterling any time, for any reason. Sterling flatware can turn everyday meals into special occasions, and elevate special events into memorable celebrations. So break out the sterling to pamper your family every day and impress your guests every time.

How should I use sterling silver flatware?

Sterling silver flatware and serving utensils will assist you in all of your everyday dining needs. Whether it's sipping soup, slicing steak, indulging in dessert, or feeding babies, sterling silver flatware is the cleanest, most hygienic utensils on earth.

There are so many sizes and styles of sterling silver serving utensils for just about every purpose you can think of—from dishing out casseroles, pasta, and salad to carving poultry, serving pie, shaving cheese, scooping frozen yogurt, and grasping ice for drinks. There are asparagus servers, chocolate spoons, olive forks, fish knives, cake breakers, tomato servers, cracker scoops, cocktail forks, berry spoons, macaroni servers, punch ladles, cheese cleavers, butter picks—you name it, we've got it at Lifetime Sterling.

Each of our serving utensils may have specific names, but they've each got multiple uses. They're popular to collect, valuable keepsakes, and fun conversation-starters.

Break it out anytime, for any reason, and leave it out to admire

There's no need to hide your sterling silver in the cupboard—sterling silver is meant to be used, and each piece is an elegant decorative can be proudly displayed.

Should I add to my collection?

Yes! Sterling silver is equally practical as it is precious. Each piece is a valuable keepsake that gets more beautiful over time with use, holds its value, and lasts a lifetime so it can be handed down through the generations for your descendants to enjoy as much as you do. It's one of the few things in life that's truly worth the investment.