How Do I Store My Sterling?

How do I store my sterling silver?

Just like anything of value, to maintain the beauty of your sterling silver, it's important to store it properly. Follow these simple guidelines and your sterling silver will be enjoyed for generations.

  • Store sterling silver in an airtight silver chest or protective bags made of tarnish-proof cloth made especially for this purpose (the pieces you purchase from Lifetime Sterling will come with protective flannel bags).
  • Avoid wrapping sterling silver in plastic, aluminum foil, or newspaper, or binding flatware with rubber bands, all of which can result in damage.
  • Choose a dark, dry storage place for your sterling silver to help prevent tarnishing. Exposure to air and light promotes tarnishing, so keep your sterling silver away from dampness and direct sunlight. Even a light bulb that shines directly on sterling silver will accelerate tarnishing.
  • To prevent scratching, do not store sterling silver loose in drawers, or in a drawer that is opened frequently.
  • Store your sterling silver separately from stainless to help prevent scratching.
  • Avoid storing silverware directly on wood surfaces (especially oak), as wood often contains acids that can mar your sterling silver's finish.


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